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By default HandBrake will downmix your audio to Dolby ProLogic II which sounds good on both stereo and multi-channel audio systems alike. However, if you want the true experience you can choose the appropriate channel count surround option from the Mixdown dropdown 6.1 Surround. 7.1 Surround. Standardmäßig verwendet HandBrake als Downmix Einstellung Dolby ProLogic II, welches auf Stereo und Multi-Kanal Audiosystemen gut klingt. Du kannst aber natürlich die Einstellung verändern die am besten zu deinem System passt um eine bessere Qualität zu erhalten Surround Sound Guide. Es gibt viele verschiedene Multi-Kanal Audioformate welche deine Quelle enthalten kann: Dolby Pro Logic. Dolby Digital Surround. Digital Theater System (DTS) Digital Theater System Master Audio (DTS-HD) TrueHD. HandBrake kann diese entweder durchleiten (passthru) oder mit einem Downmix in ein anderes Format konvertieren

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  1. Handbrake SOUND EFFECT - Car Hand Brake SOUND FX Auto Handbremse SOUND - YouTube. Handbrake SOUND EFFECT - Car Hand Brake SOUND FX Auto Handbremse SOUND. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info.
  2. It frequently sounds a little watery like cell phone audio. I presume this is due to compression. There are so many different combinations of audio settings which makes this pretty confusing to a newbie :) The audio from the Vizio TV is fed to the surround system via digital optical cable. The disks sound excellent and are 5.1 when played directly on BD player instead of streamed
  3. In the ninth installment of this series we'll cover Handbrake's audio options, including what input and output formats are supported and when each is appropr..
  4. imum. If you have a nicer setup, you'll want 7.1 surround sound
  5. As suggested earlier, Dolby Surround in Handbrake is similar to Dolby Pro Logic, but it's not just DPL1 - it's an earlier technology. But all of them have the same idea - they're all ways to make a stereo track include surround info without risking incompatibility. 2 level

Subscribe Now:http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowtechWatch More:http://www.youtube.com/ehowtechSyncing audio and video in HandBrake is s.. Hallo zusammen, ich möchte ein Video mit Handbrake komprimieren. Was die Bildeinstellungen angeht, weiß ich wie ich vorgehen möchte. Was den Sound angeht.. Ein Teil von HandBrake's Videokodierer haben ihre eigenen Voreinstellungen. Diese unterscheiden sich von HandBrake's Voreinstellungen, welche alle Video, Filter, Audio, Untertitel, Kapitel und Container Einstellungen beinhalten. Die Videokodierer Voreinstellungen sind spezifisch für jeden individuellen Videokodierer und kontrollieren, welche Features von dem Videokodierer aktiviert sind It is also possible to pass through Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound (AC3) audio from a DVD in an MP4 file, although it is a new standard and not widely supported. VLC can decode it, and the AppleTV can pass it through to a surround sound receiver. MP4 also supports chapters, for which HandBrake uses Apple's chapter format

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  1. This is a handbrake being pulled and released at various speeds. Taken with a Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun microphone on a Zoom F8 field recorder.My Patreon pa..
  2. Handbrake and Surround Sound. Thread starter LGShepherd; Start date Feb 4, 2009; Sort by reaction score; Forums. Apple TV and Apple Services. Apple TV and Home Theater . L. LGShepherd macrumors regular. Original poster. Jun 27, 2007 220 12 Teesside, United Kingdom. Feb 4, 2009 #1 Hi, I'm sorry if this has been posted before but i couldn't find anything. When you rip movies through Handbrake.
  3. Best HandBrake video settings for Plex. Under Audio tab: Choose AAC as the codec If your movie has a 5.1 channel track, you can mix down the 5.1 Channels. If you are not worried about surround sound, you can just choose Stereo. 160 bitrate is perfectly fine. Best HandBrake audio settings for Ple
  4. Most video buffs, myself included, know of the power of the open-source application HandBrake. Oftentimes, we debate the best HandBrake settings for DVDs and other video sources. But before I get ahead of myself, I am very aware of the fact that not everyone may know what HandBrake really is
  5. Select Audio tab in Handbrake Add audio track and choose the multi channel track you want to add Select Auto Passthrough This will give you 5.1 or 7.1 in Kodi You need to enable audio passthrough in Kodi and tick the various sound formats in the Expert setting
  6. Question about Ripping Audio tracks in Handbrake. jrbilodeau Junior Member. Posts: 34 Joined: Feb 2012 Reputation: 0. jrbilodeau Junior Member Posts: 34 #1 2015-10-11, 02:04 . Hi guys, I have a question regarding ripping audio tracks using Hanbrake. In the past I mainly used the High Profile preset, which has two audio tracks one AAC in stereo and one AC3 Passthru for the 5.1 track. I've.

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When you try to encode DVD/video files with HandBrake, HandBrake enables you to freely select subtitles and audio tracks from source DVD/video files. The Audio & Subtitles tab in HandBrake is the means for choosing which audio tracks you'd like to encode as well as placing subtitles on your encoded movies. To enter the Audio & Subtitles tab, after adding source DVD files, you need to go to the frame below the Preset option and open Audio tracks and Subtitles tab First, it is difficult to impossible to know whether the audio engineer applied +-90 degree phase shifts to the surround channels. It is generally unlikely to be done at all since the reference encoder does not seem to do it. Second, not all multi-channel sources in HandBrake are Dolby Digital. The phase shift is necessary. The problem is, this code is a crude approximation that yields substantial artifacts depending on channel correlation Step 1. Open Your DVD in Handbrake. Insert the DVD into the DVD drive on your computer. Open Handbrake and choose your DVD drive from the sidebar that appears. Handbrake will take a moment to scan the titles on your DVD. Wait until this process is finished. It should only take a moment. If libdvdcss wasn't installed incorrectly, you'll see an error saying that the disc can't be read here instead Make an MKV using MakeMKV and then convert the audio into DD+ 960kbps using XMediaRecode (ensure that video, subs etc, are all copy); this is the fastest way to get 100% of the video quality into an MKV with a DD+ audio track. Also, used less space than a HQ rip using handbrake In handbrake, you DO have to make sure the audio track is set to PASSTHROUGH, otherwise I think it defaults to two-channel AAC or MP3. You also need to make sure that you ENABLE the chapters function in handbrake in the CHAPTERS menu. ISO is fine, it's just relatively large compared to what Handbrake can do with it. Most of my MKVs are about 1/8th to 1/10th the size of the original DVD. 1.

Best 5.1 sound settings when creating MP4 w/Handbrake ..

AfterDawn Handbrake Guide Part 9 - Setting audio options

Handbrake is a popular DVD ripper and video converter for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It's a multi-platform and totally free tool you should not miss. This article will share the best Handbrake settings for general tasks, like Handbrake picture settings, quality settings, iPad 2 output settings, and Handbrake settings for the media library so, there's a new version of Handbrake out there and it supports features such as chapter markers and surround sound encoding. it appears to be pretty impressive and allows you to select from ProLogic II, something called Dolby Surround, and Discrete 5.1 (which appears to encode as 5.1 channels of AAC what you will need to do it is have the first audio track set to: AAC > Dolby Pro Logic 2 > Auto > 160 kbps then in the 2nd audio track under Audio Codec select the AC3 and that's it. Are you using version 0.93? there is a good AppleTV preset in there which very well. I use a slightly different config with 59% Constant Quality and it looks great, with pretty good files sizes. I only wish I hadn t done 400 of my DVD's with Avg Bitrate of 2500 when I first got in to this lol, I'm half way.

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Under audio I make two profiles: the 5.1 DTS-HD passthrough and a stereo downmix. I have both of those audio profiles pull from the same original audio profile that came off of the disc. HandBrake does its thing for a few hours, then spits out a ~6GB video file with two audio options, giving me choice depending on what system I'm watching o I have encoded a DVD using the latest version of Handbrake into a .m4v file. The audio tracks are AAC and AC3. I cannot get VLC to play this file back with surround sound. I am using a PC with optical out hooked up to a Denon Dolby Digital/DTS receiver. I know that Quicktime won't output with surround sound, but I was hoping to find a way VLC would Yes, Handbrake can encode DD5.1 bitstream from a disk. Yes, you can play DD5.1 bitstream through your AppleTV. The problem I see it that either your image is encoded wrong, or something is wrong with your receiver. There has to be some settings in Handbrake that is messing up your rip. Or maybe your puter might be creating corrupted images somehow. I have experimented with Handbrake using my Imac and I can get a good solid video with DD5.1 bitstream going through my Apple TV. Now, it might. According to handbrake's site (https://trac.handbrake.fr/wiki/SurroundSoundGuide) they recommended to keep the stereo tack as first, but i'm wondering if that makes the most sense. As for the question about muxing existing audio, I'm not entirely sure what that means, but it was my understanding that with handbrake that i used passthru that it was a bit for bit copy


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For HandBrake, I used HQ 1080p30 Surround. For transcode-video , I used --target big , which increases the allowed bit rate. Needless to say, this took quite a bit of time, but I think the results will help you understand the tradeoffs between speed, file size, and quality in ripping with both tools My Sony BR will play these files with the AC3 surround sound perfectly over DNLA. Although AC3 is old, it is the universal format for surround sound and most players handle it perfectly. For subtitles, .SRT subtitles can be muxed in as well or you can burn in the Bluray .PGS forced subtitles for movies like Avatar. Doing text recognition on some of the Bluray subtitle fonts (like Avatar) can be tricky

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Audio Stream # 1 Codec -> DTS Audio Stream Length -> 1h 8mn 43s 615ms Audio Stream BitRate -> 768 Kbps Audio Stream BitRate Mode -> CBR Number of Audio Channels -> 6 Audio Channel's Positions -> Front: L C R, Surround: L R, LFE Sampling Rate -> 48.0 KHz Bit Depth -> 24 bits Audio Stream Delay -> 665m In handbrake, you DO have to make sure the audio track is set to PASSTHROUGH, otherwise I think it defaults to two-channel AAC or MP3. You also need to make sure that you ENABLE the chapters function in handbrake in the CHAPTERS menu. ISO is fine, it's just relatively large compared to what Handbrake can do with it. Most of my MKVs are about 1/8th to 1/10th the size of the original DVD. 1.

What I'm trying to do is setup the movie with a audio track for the television speakers and another track for surround system. When I bring the MKV file into Handbrake and select the ATV 3 preset the audio settings automatically go to one audio track as a AAC (CoreAudio) Dolby Pro Logic II and a second audio track as AC3 Passthru. If I wanted one of the audio tracks to be a Dolby Digital 5.1 track would I change the AC3 Passthru to AC3 (ffmpeg) for it to be 5.1 surround sound or would I use. Whenever I have encoded movies with Handbrake, I have always selected the auto passthru option under audio and let handbrake handle how it encodes it. The issue with the surround has come about when the movie audio track is DTS. For whatever reason, the final encode doesn't play through the surround speakers on my Nakamichi with the soundbar displaying M-CH PCM. However, if it was a dolby track that was encoded, everything plays fine with the surround speakers However when I loaded this into iTunes and played it through my ATV2 in the lounge with the Sonos Surround Sound, it only came out in Stereo (checked through the Sonos App which tells you the Audio In feed to the PlayBar). The Handbrake .mp4 file, used the High Profile basis but amended a few settings. It was encoded with h.264 video codec, video quality was Constant Quality RF 19. Audio had Track 0 English (AC3) (2.0 ch) as AAC, Stereo Mixdown at 320 bitrate and Track 1 English (AC3) (5.1. Audio codec: AAC ; Best Handbrake Presets for Roku. You could see multiple presets for Roku. Actually you could freely select any of them for encoding videos for Roku within Handbrake. And the best Handbrake preset for Roku should be Roku 1080P30 Surround. Details are listed below: Format container: MP4 ; Video Codec: H.264 (X264) Resolution: 1920x1080p ; Framerate (FPS): 30 ; 2-pass.

Handbrake provides support for downmixing or surround sound into matrixed stereo; It supports adjusting of volume levels and dynamic range for some selective audio formats; It retains subtitles and also lets adding/removing of subtitles stored as text; You can skip unwanted audio conversion for certain audio format That intro movie that plays at the beginning when it boots is in ac3 5.1 surround (where do you think we got the format for handbrake ) Anyway, if that intro movie lights up your Dolby D surround sound indicator then your HandBrake encoded ATV preset movie will as well. If not, then there is an issue with your system. Note: do not confuse a Dolby Pro Logic or some such indicator with the Dolby. In this tutorial i will explain how we can make any video to 5.1 surround sound or 7.1 Dolby Handbrake: Convert Blu-ray MKV to MP4. Handbrake is a great free program to rip and convert the decrypted Blu-ray MKV file to MP4/M4V and MKV. Using Handbrake is easy within just a few mouse clicks. You can visit its official page to download and install the free tool You may also be tempted to take advantage of HandBrake 0.9.0's support for surround-sound audio. Unfortunately, only two-channel surround encodings—Dolby Surround and Dolby Pro Logic II—work.

5.1 surround sound is the common name for six channel surround sound audio systems. 5.1 is the most commonly used layout in home cinema. In addition, some DVDs have DTS tracks with most being 5.1 channel mixes. Blu-ray and Digital cinema both have eight-channel capability which can be used to provide either 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. Ripping Blu-ray to Plex keeping 5.1 sound gives you cinema. Minor side question: I'm also trying to get handbrake to remove subtitles and also only keep English audio, do you know what code could be used for that? I started a bit there with the --audio-lang-list eng but I'm now sure what to do from there. Thanks a lot in advance The surround information is encoded by shifting the surround channel(s) 90 degrees out of phase with the main audio and multiplexing that analog wave with the primary analog wave. This produces a more complex analog signal that is effectively decoupled by a Dolby ProLogic decoder. The degree of channel separation isn't the achilles heel of this format so much as is the channel limitations. Hallo! Ich habe mir oben genanntes Game zugelegt und nun habe ich kleines Prob: der Sound wird nur in Stereo wiedergegeben. :( Im Optionsmenü gibt es auch.. Eventually I found a different mechanism, which supports full chapter splitting as well as 5.1 surround sound on the PS3. The ingredients are simple: Get Handbrake and mkv2vob. The trick is to use Handbrake to rip the DVD to MKV with AC3 passthrough first and then use mkv2vob to remux the AC3 stream. The ripping takes considerably long, as I use the highest encoding setting (if you are running.

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Handbrake - welche Presets nutzen? 14 Beiträge • Seite 1 von 1. LittleSchuh Mitglied Beiträge: 32 Registriert: Sa 16. Apr 2011, 19:28 Wohnort: Bremen Hat sich bedankt: 4 Mal. Handbrake - welche Presets nutzen? Beitrag von LittleSchuh » Fr 18. Nov 2011, 11:07 . Hallo, ich habe zu Windows Zeiten meine Urlaubsfilme mit Grabster AV 400 von Hi8 in mpeg2 transcodiert. Zum Glück, denn die. Handbrake hat nun automatisch unter den diversen Video-Spuren den Hauptfilm ausgemacht und ausgewählt. Zudem ist für die Ausgabe-Einstellungen zuständige Profil Normal standardmäßig aktiviert. Es sieht vor, dass in einem M4V-Container abgespeichert wird und dass das Video mit dem H.264 Codec transkodiert wird. Klicken wir in den Einstellungs-Tabs auf Audio sehen wir auch, dass. US$137.84 US$248.10 44% Off 16bit Hall Sensor USB Handbrake Hydraulic Lever SIM & Clamp For Racing Games G25/27/29 T500 FANATECOSW DIRT RALLY 64 reviews COD US$49.99 US$65.99 24% Off SOMiC G936N Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound 3.5mm + USB Gaming Headphone Headset for PS4 XBOX 119 reviews CO I don't have a good 5.1 surround sound, nore to care for it. I just watching for the story and entertainment factory. If I really wanted a serious experience I would watch the Blu-ray version. Leave A Reply. Rob says: February 17, 2017 at 7:51 AM I can compress Blu-rays down to 1.6GB on average Hi Schwarttzy, and thanks for the guide. I've been using Handbrake for a few years with.

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Hi All, After a little help. I have been trying to convert my DVDs to digital, and having no problems on the initial rip using makemkv. But when I encode using Handbrake, I seem to lose Surround Sound audio options as well as losing English Subtitles on an English language audio where foreign language is being spoken. An example is Oceans 13 and the mexican scenes. I have some screenshots that. Now the problem with this working with Apple TV and iTunes is the audio AC3 is not an acceptable match with the MP4 The easiest and fastest way would be with Handbrake. Plus it gives you both AC3 (surround sound) and AAC (stereo). More Less. Nov 23, 2010 7:24 AM Reply Helpful. Thread reply - more options. Link to this Post; User profile for user: DrNaruto DrNaruto User level: Level 1 Nov. Handbrake (Free) Suitable for: converting files to MKV or MP4 format on multi-platforms, imaging, spaciousness and realism. DTS uses 5.1 channels to build surround sound effect. But it produces sound slightly more accurate since it uses a higher bitrate and less compression method. Rating: 4.8 / 5 (based on 16 ratings) Thanks for your rating! Related posts: How to convert 3GA to MP3 on PC.

If there is a surround sound audio track, you will see it listed in the top section of Subler's window. Double-click the name of the track and rename it Sound or Sound Track . Close the window. To hear 5.1 surround sound, your Roku must be connected to your TV/receiver with an HDMI cable The default method in Handbrake uses Foreign Audio Scan to find and burn in any foreign subtitles. You should already see Foreign Audio Scan setup on your screen (screenshot.) The Foreign Audio Scan method works for most movies, but fails with disc's that use a separate soft subtitle track for. Audio codec. There is no need to use any compression codec for the audio. A typical TV show is 45 minutes long which only takes ~2.9 GiB (66 MiB / min) for 5.1 Surround sound and ~495 MiB (11 MiB / min) for Stereo sound. With today's disk space, no compression is as good as lossless compression. Click on Audio menu and select Full Processing.

Next click the Audio tab, where we can play with the audio settings. Under normal circumstances I would choose the highest audio quality Track the DVD has to offer, which is typically (if available) AC3 Dolby Surround, in the language of your preference. You now have 2 options to choose from: 1) Add only one Audio Trac npm install handbrake-loader@1..1 SourceRank 8. Dependencies 4 Dependent packages 0 Dependent repositories 0 Total releases 2 Latest release Apr 14, 2017 First release Apr 9, 2017 Stars 1 Forks 0 Watchers 1 Contributors 1 Repository size 8.41 MB Documentation. handbrake-loader. Ursprünglich als Video-Konverter für DVDs gedacht, kann HandBrake seit einigen Versionen auch Blu-ray-Medien für die Verwendung auf Apple TV, iPad, iPhone und iPod touch konvertieren. Zu den Neuerungen der nun erhältlichen Version 0.9.9 zählt die Unterstützung von Blu-ray-Untertiteln (PGS), Filmen mit bis zu 60 Bildern pro Sekunde und eine bessere Konvertierung von Surround-Sound Previously, HandBrake is a video transcoder that could output video files in up to 1080P. that means HandBrake couldn't process 4K videos then. However, in 2017, Handbrake was finally getting a new update of version 1.1.0. In this update, HandBrake got a few bug fixes, improvements and new features. This new version also includes new and improved presets for YouTube and Vimeo, as well as.

Besides Dolby Digital and DTS audio codec, more and more Blu-ray discs provide higher audio quality in 7.1 channels with Dobly TrueHD and DTS-MA audio tracks. When do Blu-ray ripping and backup, to get the best audio quality from Blu-ray disc, we can choose to preserve the 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound in original Blu-ray disc. Have no idea about that? Don't worry! This article will show you the. All my ripped movies were done in Handbrake, with both AAC and AC3 audio tracks in each file. Either update the tvOS software to a version that automatically selects the Surround track (and loose AC3 passthrough in the Dolby Surround output mode) or manually set the Surround track Fallback setting for use in current tvOS version ### General Handbrake Options level)-Z. --preset <string> Use a built-in preset. Capitalization matters, and if the preset name has spaces, surround it with double quotation marks-z, --preset-list See a list of available built-in presets --no-dvdnav Do not use dvdnav for reading DVDs (experimental, enabled by default for testing) ### Source Options¶-i, --input <string> Set input device-t.

HandBrake uses third-party libraries like libvpx, FFmpeg and x265 and allows trans-coding functionality on Linux, Windows, and macOS. Here are some of the powerful features of HandBrake that gives it an edge over the competitors: The software can convert almost all video formats to MP4 and MKV formats; Enables you to resize and crop videos to match your requirements; Helps you in restoring low. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Vauxhall Manta Senator braun Handbremse Surround Trim? Mittelkonsole? bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel You need a minimum of 320 to 384Kbits/s in order to preserve the full 5.1 surround sound, so if you're planning on hearing the woosh of the Millenium Falcon pass first from your left front speaker to your left rear speaker, 160Kbits/s isn't going to cut it. The channels tend to get merged when there isn't enough bandwidth to keep them separate. Depending on your source, you can usually encode AAC to up to about 320 and AC3 to around 640

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every surround sound receiver can decode this, don't optimal surround sound. handbrake gives option. basically, it's stereo weather connect via rca jacks or toslink. 2) encode aac 5.1. handbrake gives option. not know if quicktime extract , pass unmolested toslink output. few receivers can deal anyway, it's not option people. 3) merge dolby digital 5.1 ac3 stream h.264 video stream. not know. Before dumping into the x264 settings, it's worth noting that I used a 2-pass encode, and mixed the audio down to a 160kbps Dolby Surround encode. Here's a list of the x264 settings I chose in Handbrake, and why: Reference Frames: 6 Normally, I'd go much higher here. However if you go too high, both hardware and *some* software players can choke. Unfortunately, reference frames are. I have encoded a DVD using the latest version of Handbrake into a .m4v file. The audio tracks are AAC and AC3. I cannot get VLC to play this file back with surround sound. I am using a PC with optical out hooked up to a Denon Dolby Digital/DTS receiver. I know that Quicktime won't output with surround sound, but I was hoping to find a way VLC would. I can select the second audio track in the. Nevermind folks. I found the answer in the Handbrake documentation. It says: You can also combine Pro Logic II and AC3 pass-through. This will give you a file that will play anywhere from QuickTime to VLC to the iPhone (using the AAC Pro Logic II track) and play in true surround sound on an AppleTV or in Perian. It is the best of both worlds, and it is only possible in the .mp4 and .mkv containers. Again, MP4 file names must, confusingly, end in .m4v for QuickTime to read them. To use this.

With HandBrake, once you've loaded the full content (preferably in a VIDEO_TS folder with the IFO files present, but off the hard drive since HandBrake can't decrypt anymore, and it's way faster as well), you have the option of altering the audio outputs in several formats. If you choose the specific audio track (like English (AC3) 5.1ch) and choose AC3 for the Audio Codec, it'll keep the. Now I just use handbrake for dvd's using AC3 for audio and Aiseesoft for blu-rays only. I'm not sure why your sound seems to be funneled to the wrong channels as my sound seems to be fine. Using container mp4, which Aiseesoft forces you to H.264 and AAC codecs for video/audio respectively. I set the video to be 7000kbps and the audio at 44100hz sample/320kbps/5.1 channels. In my living room, I. And if you know that the source video comes with swanky 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound, use the Dolby Surround or Dolby Pro Logic II options under Mixdown to ensure that your audio sounds great in plain old stereo, but will also remain compatible with multichannel audio systems. Follow similar steps in the Subtitles tab. If you're making an MP4, HandBrake will only let you pick one track, and it'll be burned into the video. For an MKV, set Track 0 to Foreign Audio Search, and leave Forced Only. (Bei Audio kommt es auf dein Video drauf an. Mal angenommen du hast DTS oder AC3 Tonspuren in 5.1 und du willst English und Deutsche Tonspur.) MP4 Unterstützt kein ATMOS soviel ich weiss. Wie Apple TV4K ATMOS kann weiss ich nicht, vermutlich wird kein MP4 verwendet. Bis 5.1 geht aber alles, 7.1 muss leider in AAC umgewandelt werden. Ich würde 7.1 komplett auslassen. Weil ich nicht weiss, was Handbrake daraus macht. Am besten wäre sowieso, DTS HD DTS HD zu lassen, ohne umkodieren auf AC3.

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With the newly encoded file (with the audio you want to keep) selected, issue Command-J. Highlight the two audio tracks (Stereo and Surround) and copy (Command-C). Select the MP4 file into which you want to copy the new multichannel audio. Select all (Command-A) and ensure the scrubber is at the zero mark. Choose Edit -> Add to Movie or Option-Command-V. D In the Video tab you'll want to select some specific settings. Make sure framerate is set to 'same as source' and that the 'Use advanced video tab instead' box is unchecked. Then, select. Handbrake can take different sound mixdowns such as Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital Surround, Digital Theater Systems(DTS), Digital Theater System Master Audio(DTS-HD), TrueHD and pass them through to your source. By default, audio is downmixed to a format that sounds good on both stereo and multi-channel audio systems. But it is preferred that you should always use higher ratings in the audio. Handbrake'd file on PC -> Plex Server -> AppleTV 4 -> TV -> Optical out to a soundbar. The relevance of the above is that I have a stereo setup currently, rather than a true surround. When encoding, I always include an AAC stereo file, and an AC3 surround. Until now, for the 2.0 track I've always just mixed down the 5.1 default track. When playing back one of my new videos the other day, though (both on my stereo PC and on my TV through the soundbar) I noticed the dialog is quiet, and many.

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As for audio settings, it all depends on what your personal preferences are. If you're happy with just stereo, then Id just pick 2 Channel AAC. Personally, I'd pick: First track (surround): AC3 or DTS passthrough (if available on the original video). As an alternative, you could consider using AAC for this. Set it to 5.1 and the bitrate. Choose Dolby Pro Logic II and the audio will play on both stereo and surround-sound systems (though it's not true surround-sound). The setting you choose should match the gear you intend to play. Insert your disc to your Blu-ray drive, and launch the Blu-ray Ripper; click the disc button to import your Blu-ray movies to the program. Step 2. Choose output format keeping 7.1 audio. To keep TrueHD 7.1 audio, you can hit the Format bar and choose Common Video > WMV3 (WMV9) (*.wmv) as the output format

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